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ไวร์คัท  HIGH SPEED ราคาพิเศษสุดๆ
DK7725 HIGH SPEED 225,000.00
DK7732 HIGH SPEED 245,000.00
DK7735 HIGH SPEED 287,000.00
DK7740 HIGH SPEED 332,000.00
DK7745 HIGH SPEED 316,000.00
DK7750 HIGH SPEED 378,000.00
DK7760 HIGH SPEED 399,000.00
DK7763 HIGH SPEED 448,000.00
DK7780 HIGH SPEED 475,000.00
DK7780A HIGH SPEED 576,000.00
ซุปเปอร์ดิวส์   187,000.00

New  HL controller  advantages

1. Tai Wanese  Industrial  Computer  PCI+ISA,256,378[32bit,64bit] (Running in the most reliable and stable condition).op 1-2 CPU
2. Simple understandability & stable new control system.(Breakpoint
memory and Auto CAD-DXF & ISO formation file loading support.)
3.17 inch TFT Liquid Crystal Display.
4. USB and LAN data transmission function support.
5. Machining speed 2 time faster than the old model.
6. Wire-drum variable frequency speed control function support.
7. ->19 cut function support.
8. Support Axis A, Axis B, Axis C    rotary Index

HL Controller {New!!}

1. Multi-time cutting function.
2. Tapper processing adopts A4or5 –axis link-move control technology.
3. Integration of programming and control.
4. Using the machining methods of top-bottom different shapes.
5. Data conversion between auto-cad dxf format and ISO,G format ,etc.
6. Real-time display graphics machining process and the change of  x, y, u,
v axis [ option A,B,C+3Axis]
7. Can start machining from any segment and stop at any segment
8. Power-off protection [Save power- off]
9. Automatic short-circuit regression It can alarm and shutdown when the
 process is automatically short-circuit regression, paused or finished.
10. Sns  to user [ option ]




D7125-30 D7135 D7145
EDM280 EDM320 EDM350
EDM450 EDM650 EDM900
EDM1200-1000-900 NC30 ZNC30A
ZX-50 ZX-50A ZX-100


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